About US

Intercultural competences are increasingly needed in our interconnected world. Our mission during the project "Spaces for Intercultural Learning" (2016–2018) is to promote intercultural learning by developing arts-based and action-oriented methods and producing new material for intercultural teaching and learning.

Our project group consists of six European organizations:

The project title “Spaces for Intercultural Learning” refers to creating learning environments where intercultural competences can be effectively taught and learned. During the project, we test a variety of arts-based and action-oriented methods in pilot groups in six European countries. In addition to teaching methods, we will develop a reflection tool educators and facilitators. The result of the project will be a comprehensive collection of teaching and learning materials. All the material will be published online and will be available for free.

Contact us for more information

Don’t hesitate to contact us, in case you want more information about the project!

  • Finland: Pekka Kinnunen, pekka.kinnunen(at)kansalaisfoorumi.fi
  • Romania: Rodica Miala, rodicamiala15(at)yahoo.com
  • The Netherlands: Anja Stofberg, j.stofberg(at)hr.nl
  • Italy: Enrico Dolza, direzione(at)istitutosorditorino.org
  • Poland: Katarzyna Kaczmarek, k.kaczmarek(at)dkkadr.waw.pl

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